A week in the life of a volunteer – Day 3

25 February 2015

Our volunteering projects offer people the chance to get involved in daily life in a rural Kenyan community. Unlike many other volunteering schemes, our two to three week placements give you an opportunity to work on more than one project. In a series of short blogs, we describe just some of the work you could be supporting here in Kenya.

Helping girls to stay in school

Like all of our programmes, our work with girls and young women aims to put them in control of their own future and create opportunities for them to thrive.

A week in the life of a volunteerAs a volunteer on Harambee you will spend some time working on our Girls for Girls Programme. This is run in partnership with Girl Guide and Girl Scout Leaders from around the world. The programme supports the local community by providing basic sanitary products and proper facilities so that girls can stay in education even after puberty.

Many young girls are forced to miss school because they can’t access sanitary products during their menstrual period. As a volunteer, you will work with girls in the schools to help them plan income generating projects that will provide enough money to buy re-usable sanitary pads for all the girls in the school. You will help them come up with ideas that will provide a sustainable future for them all.

Education offers so much opportunity for these young girls and the input and experience our volunteers can provide is invaluable to them.

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