Becky’s story – Day 3

12 March 2015

Becky – Healthy schools clubFor this week’s blog we’d like to tell you about Becky and how her life and lives of other girls like her in Londiani are being changed and improved with your support. 

Becky is 11 years old and she was born on March 8th – a very significant date as this is also the date chosen to celebrate International Women’s Day! She has a little sister named Faith. Her dad is a truck driver and her mother is a farmer.

Becky goes to school in Kedowa Primary and she is a member of the Healthy Schools Club there. This is a programme supported by Friends of Londiani, the ministry for education and the ministry for health. The aim is to make the school environment a healthy, safe place for children. Becky says that the health of the children at her school has improved because they have water to wash their hands with now and better quality toilets that they keep clean, there is no litter in their compound, they know more about being healthy and they miss less days from school because of illness. This is life-long learning for Becky and her class mates. She want’s to be a lawyer when she grows up so she needs to have a long life ahead of her. With interventions like this the future looks promising.

Education in health related issues is one of the areas that will help Becky and girl like her to have a future with hope, choices and independence.

If you would like to volunteer with Friends of Londiani in Kenya and see these programmes up close and personal click here for more information.

Photo: Becky giving the thumbs up to Healthy Schools Programme – pictured with members of the HECA club; teachers & Friends of Londiani volunteers at Kedowa Primary School