Becky’s story – Day 5

14 March 2015

Becky - clean water and smokeless stovesFor this week’s blog we’d like to tell you about Becky and how her life and lives of other girls like her in Londiani are being changed and improved with your support.

Becky is 11 years old and she was born on March 8th – a very significant date as this is also the date chosen to celebrate International Women’s Day! She has a little sister named Faith. Her dad is a truck driver and her mother is a farmer.

At Becky’s house the closest source of clean water is a 2km walk away and cooking is done over a three stone open fire that creates lots of smoke.

Friends of Londiani would like to support Becky’s village to find a better solution to providing clean water for households and to provide all the homes with smokeless stoves making them into healthy homesteads.

Becky and her mother heard about Friends of Londiani through the Healthy Schools Programme in Becky’s school. Friends of Londiani are supporting many other programmes in the community such as: the Alternative Rite of Passage, a programme that educates the community about the issue of female circumcision; Lifeskills courses that educate communities on topical health issues, relationships and decision making; business courses to provide the community with the tools necessary to make a living.

Friends of Londiani community development programmes are making a difference to the lives of girls like Becky – stronger women making stronger communities!

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon says “When we unleash the power of women, we can secure the future for all”. Thank you for your support of Becky, her family and her community in Londiani. Think of her this week as you look at coverage of International Women’s day and keep the support coming!

If you would like to volunteer with Friends of Londiani in Kenya and see these programmes up close and personal click here for more information.

Photo: Becky pictured with Irish volunteer Emer Hurley and other members of the Kedowa Primary School HECA club