Drop in and shop!

07 November 2014

We hope you were both reassured and encouraged by Wednesday’s blog on what Irish charities are doing to be more transparent and accountable. Of course, while we’re keen to communicate such information, there are other, slightly more entertaining ways for you to find out that Friends of Londiani is worthy of your support than reading our statements on charitable transparency. Given that we’re on our way to Christmas (only seven weeks to go…) we’d like to recommend one in particular.

It’s shopping. Yes, our new improved site has an equally new and improved shop, where you can find some genuinely out-of-the-ordinary Christmas presents. They include beaded clutch bags, handcrafted salad spoons, Masai figure candle holders, fabric African animals and much more, both ornamental and useful.

But even our shop is making a serious statement of sorts. You see, these items are made by Kenyan craftspeople like James Njoroge, John Maina and women’s group Somonaflo – people who are, in big ways and small, enjoying some measure of economic empowerment by selling their crafts to a wider audience than they might get in their local area – and we’re delighted to be able to help them.

But we can do even better than that. One of the innovative craftspeople behind the gifts and packaging you can see at the shop has a page to himself – where you can find out more about what he does, how he does it and how he has made a start in business because of it.

So if you like the idea of contributing to creating better futures in Kenya please browse around our online shop – or drop in and shop at our open nights at the Friends of Londiani office in Midleton: they're on November the 25th and December the third. Or keep an eye on Facebook and other social media; we will be making appearances at a number of craft fairs as Christmas approaches.

But however you do it, we’d be thrilled if you decide to buy something from the Friends of Londiani shop – and so would James, John, the women of Somonaflo and many, many others.