Global Goal 2 - End Hunger

28 February 2016

Every month in 2016 we're going to feature one of the Global Goals and show how we're working towards achieving it. 

Global Goal 2 - End hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition, promote sustainable agriculture

The people of Londiani & Kipkelion live in a remote, rural area in the highlands of Kenya.  Most people are farmers growing maize, beans, cabbage and potatoes which are the main source of food for their families.   Our Lifeskills programme is a community driven, peer education course that provides information, stimulates discussion, challenges ways of thinking, promotes new understanding and awareness and leads to changes in behaviour and better community relations.  A recent addition to this course was a module on nutrition to highlight the importance of a proper diet in improving health and to show how best to use the land you have to grow crops that will provide a balanced diet.

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