Global Goal 1 - End poverty

26 January 2016

Every month in 2016 we're going to feature one of the Global Goals and show how we're working towards achieving it. 

Global Goal 1 - End poverty in all its forms, everywhere
Each Goal has several targets that when met will indicate that the goal has been achieved.  One of the targets for this goal is to ensure that all men & women, have equal rights to economic resources and access to basic services.  For example – ownership and control of their own land, protection of their inheritance, access to new technology and access to financial services such as microfinance.

How does the work that we do fit in with this Global Goal? Our programmes are based on the needs of the community – they focus on improving health, education, clean water and economic empowerment.  Through our programmes, people become healthier individuals who become more productive and innovative.  They look for opportunities to make a living and learn about economic empowerment through our business training courses.  These courses educate, build self-esteem and break down barriers for community members to access finance.  People become less vulnerable and more resilient and are better able to work their way out of poverty.

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