A gift for all this Christmas

19 December 2012

As Christmas approaches, FOL have a gift for you! This is the season of giving and as a celebration of FOL's 10th year of working with communities in Kenya, we would like to give a gift to all other charities, groups and interested people.

We have been running table quizzes as fundraisers throughout our 10 year history and we wanted to make these available for download from our website for free. In the spirit of our partnership approach to working with communities, we want to share these resources with you for you to adapt and reuse in whatever way you like. Whether you decide to use them for your own fundraising, with your colleagues, with classes in schools or even with your family and friends over the festive season, we wish you well and hope you enjoy them.

There are quizzes from 2009, 2010 and 2011 including fun logo rounds, pictures, maps, movies and flags rounds. Some of the questions each year were specific to that year so may need a little editing before using them at an event but many more of them are re-useable just as they are.

Happy Christmas from all at Friends of Londiani.