Another action-packed day!

03 October 2013
Tamara RickerseyHere’s today’s blog post from Kenya. This one is from Tamara Rickersey from Australia and reaches us along with a couple of highly evocative photos from the Outreach clinic where Tamara was working in Jua Kali. Another volunteer appears in the photo enjoying a welcome (along with the arriving Harambee team) from some very enthusiastic youngsters. She’s Tamara’s fellow volunteer Tara Chavan, another Australian resident, but originally from Ireland. And now, over to Tamara…. Well we’ve now been in Kenya for five days and Londiani for four days but in a lot of ways it seems longer than that. As members of the medical group we have had a number of action-packed days — and this one was no exception. Outreach ClinicWe started the day by travelling to Kipkellion district hospital en route to our outreach clinic in Jua Kali. We were kindly given a tour of the Kipkellion hospital and were very impressed by the facilities there — especially by the hospital’s ability to perform so many different pathology tests on site. Next stop was Jua Kali, which we reached after some skilled four wheel driving by our driver, John. The outreach clinic there was impressively busy, seeing about 40 patients, plus family members. There were also a fair few interested children looking in from outside! Some patients we were able to treat at the clinic with antibiotics, painkillers or malaria treatment. Some needed referral to the Kipkellion hospital. Nearly 20 children received immunisations, including two who were born at home two weeks ago; this was their very first healthcare checkup. As our day at the clinic was drawing to a close, the heavens opened and the rain started bucketing down. Luckily we were able to make it safely back to Londiani where we met up with the other groups who had had equally busy days. One group visited another school as part of the Health Education for Children Alliance (HECA) project, and the other was holed up all day in a Strategic Planning workshop. I’m sure you’ll hear more from both of these groups over the coming days!