Before the Dail goes on holiday: it’s time to tweet!

17 July 2014

July the 17th – the day on which you are likely to be reading this – is the last day on which the Dail sits before the summer holidays. Many of you have shown your support for retaining Ireland’s overseas aid commitment. We are now asking you to do a little extra to alert the country’s decision-makers to how you feel. We call it Tweet Thursday – or rather our friends at Act Now on 2015 do.

And we’re backing them. The 17th of July 2014 is a day when organisations and supporters of the Act Now on 2015 campaign – and anyone who just wants to remind the Dail to keep its promise to the world’s poor – are asked to post one or more messages supporting our aid commitment on social media.

It doesn't have to be a tweet of course. You can use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media to get the message across. If you do, however, please do it on Thursday (or as soon as possible). Over to you (and thanks)!