Come to the fair!

09 September 2013
Our previous blog made the point that volunteering isn’t age-specific. If you have energy and ability your help will always be welcome. Which is of course a roundabout way of suggesting that you pop into the 2013 Irish Aid Volunteering Fair on the 12th of October. The venue for the fair is the Volunteering and Information Centre of Irish Aid (the Irish Government’s programme for overseas development) at 27-31 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin. The launch of a new Irish Aid Volunteering Initiative by Joe Costello (mentioned in our last blog) will be one of the highlights but it will be supported by a showcase of volunteering options in a number of developing countries, not to mention advice, presentations and personal accounts from the exhibiting agencies. There will be talks and workshops too. So if you have skills or relevant background that you think could benefit development efforts (and you never know until you ask!), do come along. There is further information available online at:,12October2013&ac=*. A programme will be published soon. However, to get a flavour of the event, have a look at last year’s programme, which is still available at You’ll notice Friends of Londiani in the line-up, of course, although you can also find out more about volunteering for us on this site — just click on Get involved, above. And similar advice goes for those who can’t come to the Fair on the 12th but who want to know more about volunteering generally. The Irish Aid centre is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm and, of course, the Irish Aid website is always open.