Friends of Londiani Kenya in 2012

20 January 2013
Thanks to the generous donations we have received from our donors in Ireland, UK, USA, Australia and many more countries, we can confirm that the money you have given us is making a difference. Looking back on 2012, here is some of the evidence of that:
  • 77 schools are being supported in our Healthy Schools programme and 7 of these schools have been upgraded with improved Water & Sanitation projects.
  • Nduro Water project in Kunyak Division, one of more isolated parts of the Districts which will bring clean running water to upwards 10,000 people is continuing with the protection of springs, storage tanks and piped water.
  • 44 Outreach clinics were held reaching 4,673 participants. These clinics bring health care to areas of the community that have a particular difficulty in accessing existing clinics due to their remote or difficult to reach locations.
  • Field Days continue to be an effective method of reaching large numbers of people with stations including de-worming, Vitamin A distribution, Maternal and child health checks, information on hygiene/water/sanitation; HIV/AIDS; the ARP programme and Malaria prevention. 22 field days reached a total of 16,007 people across Londiani and Kipkelion Districts.
  • Providing information to communities on the Alternative Rite of Passage programme to prevent FGM taking place in communities during the holiday period in December each year. From working with 25 communities in 2011, increased demand in 2012 saw FOL working with 40 communities on the programme.
  • Over 100 Community Health Workers (CHW’s) were trained to support their local Community Unit (CU) in the delivery of the Community Health Strategy.
  • Life Skills for HIV/AIDS Awareness in 20 communities with over 765 participants.
  • Girls for Girls (G4G) 18 new schools were added to the programme in 2012 and 860 new girls became involved. FOL continues to work with the schools to develop the program including aspects like income generation projects to fund sanitary products.
  • Six Community Development capacity building programmes are planned for 2013 and began in October 2012 with two 3 day business courses using content that has been developing with the input of volunteers over the past number of years.