From the Clarion Hotel to Kenyan communities

12 April 2013
The Friends of Londiani Gathering is imminent — and it could hardly be better timed with the weather (finally!) cooperating with the arrival of spring. The 20th of April will be a great night for dining and dancing in delightful company. But it will also be a major boost for FOL’s work. Work like that carried out in the Kunyak Village in Kipkelion District. The village experienced a bad cholera outbreak in 2008, which claimed the lives of 60 people. The Public Health Office then asked FOL to work with the community on a water project. At that time, the village’s only source of water to wash, put waste in and drink from was the stream. Villagers were largely unaware of the link between these activities and their health. Dickson Sitienei, the chairman of the Nduro water committee, takes up the story. “When the outbreak of cholera came, we learned that we had to protect our clean drinking water. We are an isolated community, without the resources to do this. The Ministry suggested we work with an organisation called FOL – whom we did not know at all. Today they are our partners as we work together to install tanks, pit latrines, and protect our water supply. “Because of FOL’s support the community now has (and continues to have) an easier way of life. We have toilets at home so no need to go in the bush. We can wash our clothes at home, not in the river. We have eradicated many diseases. The women don’t have to walk so far to fetch water and have more time. Thank you FOL.” Water, health, education. That’s the route we’ll continue to take with your support and the funds raised on April the 20th at the FOL Gathering. We do hope you can join us.