Greetings from Londiani!

10 January 2013
Linden with Chelangat and Caroline FOLK staff members Pictured are Linden with Chelangat and Caroline FOLK staff members Where it is my privilege to be able to take 6 months sabbatical from my paid work in Australia, and spend the time in Londiani with FOL. When I first ventured here for a few days in 2007, after hearing about FOL for many years, I don't think I would ever have dreamed of the opportunity to come here and work with the team for an extended period. When I came that first time, I somehow was dragged into helping to prepare a report on all of FOL's activities at the time - which took quite some effort as the team was far too modest in sharing all they were doing. I was amazed at all that was being accomplished by this band of dedicated, committed and slightly mad folk who just got on and did things. Well, 5 years later I am here working with this team which has evolved with a growing staff team working on the ground, and a still dedicated group of supporters and volunteers in Ireland and elsewhere , working hard for the people of this community. My primary role at this time is supporting the organisation to develop its next Strategic Plan. To date we have held consultations with about 80 groups that FOL works with, visited many of the Ministries and officials that FOL partners with, conducted research on trends in the district, and sort the views of other organisations about what the future holds for the Districts, and for Kenya. There are a few other things I am supporting the team on including: monitoring and evaluation of programs (including HECA and Girls for Girls) so we can ensure we are meeting our original objectives in the most effective way; working with the Alternative Rites of Passage program; facilitating business training courses; and furthering the work on the Sustainable Tourism project. That's along with helping out when needed on other things (for those of you who have been here, you know what I mean!) I am learning a lot, and really appreciating Londiani at a new level, as I get to know many of the community members more, and hear more of their challenges, dreams and ideas. It really is a special place, and I am very grateful for having had this opportunity. Thanks for FOL for making it possible. Linden Edgell