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04 October 2013
Better Together competitionYou’ve probably heard of Better Together a number of times since it was launched in 2010 by The Wheel, a support and representative body for the Irish community and voluntary sector. Briefly, however, Better Together is a nationwide campaign that aims to build support for hundreds of charities, community groups, clubs and associations across Ireland by encouraging the public to support these good causes and make a difference in their communities. The reason we mention this in today’s blog is that the 2013 Better Together campaign is now underway. It includes a video competition, which Friends of Londiani has entered with a short film about its work in Kenya. The film is called Making a Difference with Education. This competition is a great platform for Irish charities, community groups, clubs and associations to showcase their work and, of course, an opportunity for us to spread the Friends of Londiani message. It’s also a chance for us to win a cash prize that would greatly help our work, so do have a look at our entry and, if you like what you see, click on the red ‘vote’ button above the video. But it isn’t just about us (although we're grateful for your support!) Better Together is a wonderful confirmation of Ireland’s fine tradition of working with and supporting charities. The Better Together website is also a great place to find out more about what charities, voluntary groups and businesses are doing to support communities at home and abroad — and how you can help. Click here to find out more.