Soccer, safari and a lot of tea: the recipe for a brilliant weekend

23 April 2014

After all their recent exertions, the student members of the Easter Harambee were able to mix a little play in with their work over the Easter weekend — and see a bit more of Kenya into the bargain. Our thanks to them for this entertaining summary, and for all that they have done with — and for — Friends of Londiani during their visit. On Saturday we travelled to a tea plantation in Kericho. We got up early to drive to the town. Once we got there the fields for as far as we could see were filled with tea plants. We drove through the plantation and were able to see the land, the workers and the factory. It really taught us about how much work goes into every single bag of the tea that we drink every day and never think about. We then visited the arboretum and had a picnic, followed by a great soccer match — Kenya versus Ireland. Ireland won 6 - 5. It was so much fun. We then travelled to the Equator line, just over an hour’s drive from Kericho. We drove up to a sign with the message ‘Jambo Kenya, Hakuna Matata, O Equator Crossing’. We took pictures and then headed back to Saint Kizito’s. Some of the group headed out to Masaita to take the photos for the healthy village project and were delighted to get all the work done with the help of the local people. As it was Easter Saturday we went to Mass. There were 54 baptisms and confirmations, over 20 first communions and five marriages. The Mass lasted for three-and-a-half hours: we're definitely on our way to heaven! On Sunday morning we were up at 6am for breakfast before we headed off on safari. We had tea and toast as there was no porridge left — a big disappointment to us all as we've become very fond of it this week. We hopped into vehicles and left on the dot of 7am. We were very excited. We arrived at Nakuru National Park around 9am and Mr Hatton and Mr Douglas went in to pay for everyone. We then headed out into the park and saw loads of animals including giraffes, a lion and plenty of zebra. We left the safari around 12 and headed for lunch to the Midlands Hotel and a huge treat — chicken! After dinner, some of us went to the markets to buy presents for family and friends. We all bought so much (maybe too much!). We arrived home to Kizito’s around 6pm to a big surprise — Londiani Omniplex. Our leaders had a few DVDs sorted out for us. Invictus won the vote. It was a really great film and a lovely treat for us all — especially with the popcorn Miss Harney had made. By the time it ended, however, we were all wrecked and so by 11pm we were all in our beds after a brilliant weekend.