Trekking route

16 January 2013
Sustainable tourism trekkersThe UNWTO (World Tourism Association) has identified Sustainable Tourism as a key method in addressing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). FOL has been working with 11 communities for over a year, who have identified that they would like to work on developing sustainable tourism in their area – initially based on trekking routes. To date these groups have workshopped ideas, learned about the basics of sustainable tourism, undertaken business training and registered their groups. In December, we undertook the first community trek with representatives from the 11 villages walking from near Londiani to Tulwapmoi – via the Monestary, Kutung, Kebeneti, Ndubusat, Nyairobi and Kapngetuny. We covered about 40 km in the 3 days and enjoyed the beauty, diversity and hospitality that was on offer. Many of those trekking had never seen neighbouring areas, and the sharing of knowledge, stories, challenges and initiatives across the group was a benefit in itself. We also were able to track possible routes, accommodation venues, and features of interest. Further research was undertaken on community based tourism projects in Uganda in January, and the next steps are to develop a plan for the 2013 activities. These photos were taken on the day of the trekking group, a bridge crossing and marking some points along the way with GPS. Trekkers crossing bridgeTrekkers taking GPS recordings