Brighter Communities Worldwide's strategic plan outlines the strategic direction for the organisation for 2014 and beyond. The plan reflects the aspirations of the communities with whom Brighter Communities Worldwide works and its role in supporting the realisation of these aspirations.

Our strategic plan

Building on the strong foundations of the first 10 years, a new planning framework was developed with extensive stakeholder engagement during 2013 to set the future direction for all the organisations in contributing to the work of Brighter Communities Worldwide.

These strategic directions set the path for the future.

They reflect the aspirations of the communities with whom Brighter Communities Worldwide works and its role in supporting the realisation of these aspirations.

The future direction of Brighter Communities Worldwide will be focused on three main areas of work:

  1. Creating an enabling environment for communities to realise change through:
    • Creating connections
    • Transferring knowledge and experience
    • Focusing on innovative responses to opportunity and needs
  2. Continuing, in a partnership based approach, to deliver relevant programs to meet the needs of communities and individuals, while building new programmes that:
    • Focus on sustainable livelihoods (including agricultural diversity and productivity to increase household incomes)
    • Recognise the importance of a gender perspective as an important dimension of realising change
    • Facilitate economic development
    • Promote global solidarity and understanding
  3. Transitioning to a Kenyan led organisation in partnership with an expanded and strengthened Brighter Communities Worldwide network by:
    • Building the capacity and capability of governance and programme delivery in Kenya; reshaping the role of Brighter Communities Worldwide Ireland as the key partner to Brighter Communities Worldwide Kenya (FOLK)
    • Establishing and strengthening other Brighter Communities Worldwide focused entities* to achieve these strategic directions
    • Focusing on financial sustainability to meet Brighter Communities Worldwide's commitment in supporting the aspirations of the community

Brighter Communities Worldwide's operational plan from 2014 onwards is called 'Creating Better Futures’.

It will be focused around four main themes, which include:

  1. Better education – Increased access to strengthened formal and informal educational opportunities for communities
  2. Improved healthcare – Improved health of community members together with increased coverage and effectiveness of health systems
  3. Clean water – Access to clean water for communities
  4. Thriving economy – Increased household income in the sub-counties 

Brighter Communities Worldwide’s theory of change

Brighter Communities Worldwide's programmes all contribute to bringing about the change in the communities in which we work

“As authors of their own development, the people in communities where we work lead healthier lives and apply their increased education and knowledge creating sustainable livelihoods and stronger communities.”