A message to our UK supporters: ready, set, donate!

24 November 2014

This blog is slightly different from our usual entries. Yes, it’s an appeal to support a fundraising initiative. But it’s an appeal that’s not just aimed at Irish readers but also at UK readers — or anyone you know in the UK who might like to help out. Why? Ah, well, that’s a very good question, to which we have a very good answer…

Many regular readers and supporters know that Friends of Londiani has a sister charity in the UK. It’s called Friends of Kipkelion. Friends of Kipkelion raises money in the UK for Friends of Londiani’s projects. Because it is a registered UK charity, it has the potential to access a lot of funds that Friends of Londiani cannot reach. In addition, any donations from UK taxpayers, of any size, are eligible for UK tax relief under the UK government’s Gift Aid scheme.

In December, Friends of Kipkelion is taking part, along with many other UK charities, in an online fundraising initiative called the Big Give Christmas Challenge. Friends of Kipkelion is doing this to raise funds for the Girls for Girls programme run by Friends of Londiani at Kipteris School.

But that’s not all. Corporate sponsors and other backers have agreed to match any amount raised from the public! That means that £20 donated to Friends of Kipkelion as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge can turn into £40. And all of it will go to support Friends of Londiani’s project at Kipteris School. And (of course) if you are a UK taxpayer, Friends of Kipkelion will be able to reclaim the tax and boost the value of your donation even further.

It all happens over three days, which sounds ideal — but there’s a little catch: the match funding is released at 10 am each day and is limited. That means you’ll have to be quick!

This is what you need to do to take part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge:

  • You can only donate online and you must make your donation on Thursday the 4th, Friday the 5th or Saturday the 6th of December 2014, from 10 am onwards
  • On one (or more) of those dates, visit the website www.thebiggive.org.uk and click on the Christmas Challenge button
  • To find Friends of Kipkelion among the hundreds of participating charities, use the search term ‘Kipkelion’
  • Make your donation using a debit or credit card.

The important thing is to give as soon after 10 am as you can as a separate tranche of match funding will be released at that time on each of the three days. So if you cannot take part on the first day, try 10 am on one or both of the next two days. But you won’t be alone. All the participating charities taking part will be encouraging their supporters to donate as early as possible. That’s why it’s called a “challenge”!

Bear in mind too that anyone can donate. However, if you are a UK taxpayer the benefits to Friends of Kipkelion and Friends of Londiani are even greater. Therefore if you’re Irish, do ask any charity-minded friends or relatives on the other side of the Irish Sea to get involved.

And if they (or you) have any questions about the Christmas Challenge, or Friends of Kipkelion’s UK activities, we’d be glad to answer them. Just drop a line to info@friendsofkipkelion.com.