Links to a better life

13 October 2014

Today we have a few important links to offer. That’s because we want to tell you more about an event that took place on the Saturday just gone. That Saturday was a big day for the type of work we do – and an even bigger day for half of all adolescents in the world. Unfortunately it’s quite possible that many of them didn’t even notice the International Day of the Girl Child, for the rather depressing reason that they were unable to do so. Lack of educational opportunities, pressure to marry far too young, violence, and inability to take part in civil society in numerous ways may be holding them back. That’s why an International Day of the Girl Child is still necessary. You can find out more about it on the UN website and the Day of the Girl website.

But we at Friends of Londiani are not just talking about it. We have the ability to do something to improve the lot of girls – so that is exactly what we do. Friends of Londiani has long championed the Girls for Girls Programme – a very simple concept and a very effective one: to provide all school-going girls with sanitary products. No reasonable sanitary care can mean no schooling for a week every month. A little effort, organisation and information can make that a thing of the past and give girls a full, daily education.

Similarly there’s the Alternative Rite of Passage programme: this promotes education about, and alternatives to, female circumcision. Female circumcision – or more accurately female genital mutilation (FGM) is a serious health concern. It’s also an abuse of human rights. Together the Girls for Girls and Alternative Rite of Passage programmes can – and we believe will – give young girls in Londiani greater access to the sort of life and opportunities that they deserve and that many people in other countries take for granted.

Now of course you can find out more about these programmes on this site. However we can also offer a simple but striking visual summary of our work for women in this video. Not only that, but a simple click on the ‘vote now’ button could bring in extra funds to make that work even more effective. Just as important, however, you could tell others what we are doing and perhaps add to the growing number of people who work with and support us in our efforts to bring about a better life for girls everywhere.