Why JustGiving means much more than just giving

10 July 2014

You probably know JustGiving: it's a platform for charity giving – or, for many of you, a hassle-free way to give and ask for charitable donations, request sponsorship and generally get involved in fund-raising activities – online or via your mobile.

It’s a very handy way to harness modern technology in a good cause and one which we, and other charities, have good reason to be grateful for. It’s not that long ago, for example, that the only way to raise money for a sponsored walk, run or swim was to thrust a form under the nose of your friends and fellow workers. Now you don't have to interrupt tea breaks or stump round the office asking colleagues to dig out their small change. You set up a page and email them, they donate if they wish to and you can focus on the matter at hand: training for your marathon, preparing for your long-distance swim or, as suggested in the blog before this one, getting ready for a mountain climb for Friends of Londiani.

But this is not a preamble to a request for funds, although JustGiving is involved. This online and mobile charitable fund-raising company also operates an annual award scheme: the JustGiving Awards. These awards will be announced in September, which gives voters until Saturday the 23rd August to put forward the name of the charity of their choice, based in the UK or Ireland, to become the winner in the Charity of the Year category.

Which means (we hope) Friends of Londiani. While this is going to be a pretty competitive category, given the terms of reference, it’s also important, win or lose, for raising awareness, which, after actual funding, is probably the most important need of any charity. So do go to JustGiving to have a look and, if you feel we deserve it, put our name forward – and mention the award to supportive friends as well.Our thanks to all of you who do vote for us, and, of course, to everyone who has offered FOL their support – actual, moral and financial – over the years.