Christmas 2020

COVID-19 has reversed our progress in supporting mothers and babies in poor and marginalized communities in Kericho County, Kenya.

Do you know if a child is born in Ireland today, there is a one in 303 chance they will not reach their fifth birthday?

Sadly, right now in Kericho, one in 26 babies will be stillborn or die within seven days of their birth and one in 20 children will never reach their fifth birthday.

For this reason, our Christmas campaign goal this year is to raise €20,000 to support women to give birth safely and have access to essential services ensuring their baby will survive and thrive to celebrate their fifth birthday. We need your help.

Your first chance to donate comes on #GivingTuesday


  • You’ve got 24 hours to donate between 5am, 1 December and 5am, 2 December 2020 (GMT).
  • Your donation will buy a mother and baby kit… will provide health workers with PPE… will provide soap and water for homes and health facilities… will immunise against childhood diseases… will raise awareness about healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth in the community. 
  • UK donations are eligible for the Gift Aid tax incentive scheme and USA donations are eligible for 501(c).

Find out more and donate here


Without access to regular check-ups during pregnancy the life of a mother and baby is at risk. Health facility resources are diverted to fighting COVID-19. Women are afraid to attend facilities where staff are without PPE. Children under five are at risk of dying from pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria and are without access to vaccinations. We aim to reverse that trend and we need your help.

We know this is the time of year when your generosity will be called upon many times. We want you to know that your donation really will mean the difference between life and death for babies and their mothers. Our programmes are proven to make an impact – we know they work – COVID-19 means the need is greater than before so every amount donated counts.

Please donate what you can and #bethedifference to mothers and babies in Kericho county.

From Kenya with love

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Gift Cards – Shop and donate

This year’s Christmas shopping is going to be a little bit different but you can still share the joy of giving with GlobalGiving Gift Cards. 

A great way to give a gift and give a donation at the same time to our Christmas campaign. 

#bethedifference this Christmas for mothers and babies across Kericho County

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Regular giving for 2021

The lives of the people we work with in Kericho County are under threat not only from COVID-19 infection but also the impact the pandemic is having on their health services, education, livelihoods and food security. COVID-19 has highlighted the massive inequalities between countries and the impact it is having on people who are already living in poverty, are vulnerable and without support is beyond what we can imagine.  

The pandemic threatens to undermine our work and set us back years in terms of progress but with YOUR help we can reduce that threat. A regular donation from you will provide stability for Brighter Communities Worldwide as regular income we can depend upon.

The perfect time to set up your regular donation is between 14 and 18 December when GlobalGiving will give a 200% match to your first monthly donation. Here’s how it works – 

  • You set up your donation on GlobalGiving
  • After four monthly donations, GlobalGiving will match your first donation by 200% – for example – if you set up a €25 donation then after four months GlobalGiving will give our project €50.
  • As well as that your donation could go even further if your annual total is €250 or more then we can claim a 45% tax rebate under the Revenue’s Charitable Donation Scheme. 

We urge you to join us, support livelihoods, health and well-being and create better futures for those most in need of support across Kericho County, Kenya. Please get in touch with any questions.

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