A donation from you this Christmas will help families in Kenya survive this pandemic.

Every one of us shares the experience of living with COVID-19, it’s not the same experience for everyone but we can all be part of the solution. Right now this pandemic is about day to day survival for the communities we work with in Kenya – COVID-19 is far from over.


A donation from your family will help families in Kenya who are struggling without income or economic support, where health facilities are overwhelmed and progress on issues like gender based violence have gone into reverse. Lives are in danger. Our programmes provide the solutions to support every member of the family from new-born babies to grand-parents. Please help us to make sure the families we work with are not left behind as the rest of the world emerges from this pandemic.

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Christmas shopping….

Give the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas – a gift that give back!

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We have a range of handmade, sustainable gift ideas that will make your task of Christmas shopping that little bit easier this year, saving you time as well as giving back to Kenyan communities in need.

When you shop with us this Christmas, you are helping families in Kericho county, Kenya survive this pandemic.

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