Entries for the Evening Echo Womens Mini Marathon to be held in Cork on September 28th are now open. Friends of Londiani are aiming to have a team of 30 women walk or run on the day in support of Stronger Women, Stronger Communities in Kenya. Contact the FOL office today for your sponsor cards.

Evening Echo Women’s Mini Marathon

28 September 2014
Cork, Ireland

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to walk far, walk together” (Kenyan proverb)

Walk or run together with Friends of Londiani – together we can go far to support women in the communities of Londiani. Contact the Friends of Londiani office for sponsor cards.

We work with communities to create better futures by improving access to water, health and education. We are bringing people together to build a thriving economy and provide a safe, sustainable future for everyone.

Friends of Londiani’s Mini Marathon team are fundraising to support these people. 50% of the population in the area we work in are women and 58% are under 25 years of age. Girls and women living in this area face many challenges. To give you an idea of what life is like for them read on, these are some examples of the work that Friends of Londiani are involved in and how far your € will go in supporting them …

Traditionally, it is the role of girls and women to cook for their families and to collect the firewood for cooking – the majority of households cook over open fires which lead to respiratory illnesses and risk of injury from open firewood provides 75% of all energy and woodsmoke is a cause of 1.5million deaths a year globally.

  • Friends of Londiani have a smokeless stove programme which costs less than €50 per household and includes a stove that takes less than one day to install

If a girl can stay in education for longer, she stays healthy and HIV negative, she marries when she chooses, she raises a healthy family and therefore she has the opportunity to raise the standard of living for her and her family:

  • Friends of Londiani have an education bursary scheme that supports children who have lost one or both parents and need help with school fees. On average is costs €50 a year to support a child in Primary School and it costs €200 a year to support a child in Secondary school.
  • Friends of Londiani have a programme called Girls for Girls which aims to ensure that no girl will miss a day of school because of lack of access to affordable, hygienic, sanitary products. The programme works through the schools and costing €50 per child includes infrastructure costs for school latrines, an education programme and re-usable sanitary towels kit.