Mother and baby health

When a child is born in Ireland we celebrate their birth and look forward to their milestones. In Kericho County, Kenya 1 in 26 babies will be stillborn or die within seven days of their birth and 1 in 20 children will never reach their fifth birthday, here in Ireland that comparative figure is 1 in 303. 

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Without access to regular check-ups during pregnancy the life of both the mother and baby are at risk. COVID-19 has reversed progress made in supporting mothers and babies in poor and marginalised communities in Kericho County. Inaccessible health services, fear of COVID-19 and lack of soap and water has increased unsupervised home births which risk the lives of mother and baby. 

Women are afraid to attend health facilities where staff are without PPE. Children under five are at risk of dying from pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria and are without access to vaccinations. Even in their homes, access to such basic facilities such as soap and running water, in order to wash their hands in the fight against COVID-19, is scarce.

This project supports women to give birth safely and obtain access to essential services, ensuring their baby will survive and thrive to celebrate their fifth birthday. This project will train Community Health Volunteers to encourage women to go for check-ups needed during pregnancy and to deliver in a healthy, clean facility rather than at home.

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PPE is vital to protect staff in health facilities and hospitals in order to look after mothers and babies safely during the pandemic and protect from COVID-19 transmission. Supplies are needed to make it safe for women to attend all health facilities.

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In outreach clinics, children will be vaccinated against preventable diseases and protected from malnutrition. In health centres and in the homestead, soap and water facilities for handwashing will be provided. Mother and baby kits will be supplied containing an ante-natal care tracker book, nutrition information, sanitary kit, soap, baby blanket and hat.

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We urge you to join us, support livelihoods, health and well-being and create better futures for those most in need of support across Kericho County – especially the children.