Nothing will stop ME

During April and May 2018 we ran a campaign to raise awareness of the everyday challenges girls face because they can’t access affordable, hygienic sanitary products or because they are ashamed of their bodies.

We want to remove myths, confront taboos and fund projects that give women and girls a sustainable future. No girl should ever miss a day of school because of their monthly menstruation. 

We called it Nothing will stop ME because we want to create opportunities, promote education and provide income for women and girls in Kenya. Supported by the Yetu Initiative, we aim to raise money and awareness of our work in Londiani, Kenya. We have set up a dedicated campaign website here. 

Take action

Nothing will stop ME aims to help put an end to girls dropping out of school and work because of inadequate menstrual hygiene facilities and shame. 

For 28 days we celebrated women and girls, sharing the stories and opportunities we have created by working together with communities in Kenya. We are asking you to DONATE so that we can continue to provide safe sanitary products and better hygiene management in rural areas. 

Up to the 15th June 2018, Yetu have kindly agreed to Match Fund all donations, so please donate now.

Nothing will stop ME Anthem

At the end of May we held a free, all-day celebration in the Londiani community, which included fun workshops and an amazing concert to coincide with global Menstrual Hygiene Day campaigns. 

Suzanne Gachukia-Opembe HSC, founder of the influential Sub-Sahara Entertainment, curated some of East Africa’s hottest DJs and bands for the concert – it was a celebration to remember! Watch the Nothing Will Stop ME Anthem here.

Help us raise €40,000

Help us raise 40,000 Euros / KSHS 4,000,000 / 40,000 USD to run our menstruation education programmes in Kenya for another year. 

  • So far we have reached 53 schools with our menstrual hygiene management programme, supporting more than 3,000 girls and women in those communities. We need to continue our work because we know it makes a difference.
  • We are engaging teachers and students (girls AND boys) by running workshops and helping them talk about issues that are taboo.
  • We are building sustainable communities, by encouraging and helping girls and women to save, earn and pay for their own sanitary packs, so they can support themselves to stay in education and work in the future. 

So help us end period poverty – and give girls and women in Kenya the opportunities they deserve #menstruationmatters 

You can donate now at: