Our Menstrual Health Programme aims to Educate, Eradicate and End Period poverty

Girls for Girls Programme

For as little as €52* per year a girl can be provided with affordable sanitary products, appropriate toilet and hand-washing facilities, menstrual health education and income generation support.

* Cost calculated based on total cost of programme for a school of 200 girls

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Girls Sanitary Kit


Training Manual for a Teacher


Training Pack for Schools


Cost of Entire Programme per girl (Based on 200 girls per school) 


Cost of Training Pack for 5 schools


Training per school (5 day training, 3 teachers)


Income Generation Costs per school (Seed Capital)


Support Costs per school per year


Girl Friendly Latrines and Washrooms


Total cost of programme for school with 200 girls


; Reusable Sanitary Kits; Girl Friendly Washrooms & Latrines; Income Generation Project in Baraka

Above from left; Reusable Sanitary Kits; Girl Friendly Washrooms & Latrines; Income Generation Project in Baraka

Get involved

  • Donate what you can now to support the programme here »
  • Create awareness of the challenges girls are facing among your peers.
  • Get together with friends and neighbours and organise a fundraiser for the Girls for Girls Programme.
  • Invite Friends of Londiani to give a talk in your community, Soroptimist group, Guide unit etc.
  • Adopt a school on the Girls for Girls programme and fundraise for girls in that school.

Girls for Girls has a bright future

Girls for Girls has the potential to grow beyond Londiani across Kenya, Africa and the developing world. We know it works – but we need to reach more girls in more schools. Beyond that we want to include girls out of school and women in communities to achieve an even greater impact. This will be the legacy that follows completion of this project – it works and it is sustainable and with the right support it will continue to grow beyond the boundaries of Londiani and even Kenya. After all, this issue impacts half the world’s population for much of their lives.

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