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Friends of Kipkelion

The Friends of Kipkelion Charitable Trust is based in the UK and is partnered with Friends of Londiani in Kenya. Kipkelion District is a rural area in Western Kenya and Friends of Kipkelion are working with local people and FOL to provide clean water, better schools and healthcare.

This year, they are supporting the Nduro Water Project in Kipkelion District with a donation of over €30,000. This is a scheme to provide a safe water supply to people in a remote rural area of the District for the first time. It involves installing pipework to bring water down from a spring high in the hills, and constructing masonry storage tanks to ensure that the local people always have access to clean water. The local community are strongly committed to this project and are keen to help in any way they can.

They are also supporting the construction of new pit latrine blocks at the village of Ndubusat. These will provide hygienic facilities for boys, girls and pre-school children at the local primary school. Again, the local people are extremely committed to this project.

FOL would like to thank Friends of Kipkelion and their supporters for their commitment to the area and their financial support in enabling these projects. Their most recent fundraising brought in €3235.05 from Alexandra Kyrke-Smith who ran in the Edinburgh Marathon. This money will be used to build water tanks at Urafiki Primary School.

FOL's development programmes in Kenya

In the last newsletter, you will have read about the training of the Community Health Committee (CHC) and Community Health Workers (CHW's). The August Harambee team are currently working with these new CHW's to install smokeless stoves and run a maternal health course.

Norah Sirma, a member of FOL Kenya staff, has been involved in the training of this new community unit and below is a piece from her about her work and her role with FOL in Kenya:

"I am Norah Sirma working with Friends of Londiani Kenya and I am in charge of administration, being in charge of administration has made me to be a whole rounded person in that each day is a different day for me and am so grateful for the opportunity, my role in FOL is to do administration in every training or seminars and Field days that FOL is involved.

I was also involved with the trainings of the two community units (CU) that FOL is supporting that is in Kimasian & Kapkwen where by the community health committee (CHC) and the community health workers (CHW) were all trained and now working on the implementation, the selection was done by the community members where by the area chief and village elders called for a baraza then the community selected their own representatives, the aim of the CUs is to let the community be responsible.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the August Harambee 2012 team for taking their time off and dedicating it to be in Kenya bravo and keep up the good spirit. I was mainly involved with the preparation for the August Harambee 2012 and it was not an easy task and it came to my mind that nothing comes on a silver plate except you have to work for it to achieve. It was a great opportunity and as FOLK we decided that solidarity is power and together we can achieve it and this propelled us as a team. There was team work in all the departments.

We were able to use the shortest time possible to do the site set up and all that we could remember at that time were words from Maria Kidney" ONE TEAM ONE DREAM" the team work spirit made our work easier, to all our FOLK staffs & Rose Hennessy for the tremendous work that they did.

To all our donors, partners and all those who have continued to support FOL be it in Ireland or Kenya, UK, USA, Australia and all around the world, your love has been of great impact in the lives of so many people and has changed so many destinies, let's continue to walk together.

"When you walk alone,
you may walk very fast but you don't get very far.
When you walk with others,
you may not walk very fast but you can go very far"
Asante Sana.
Thank you all."

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