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Celebrating 10 years of Community Partnerships

2012 is an exciting year for FOL as it marks 10 years of community partnerships. There are many events planned during the year and this section of the newsletter will have information and updates on these events in each issue. It also shows targets, if there are some, for each event and the current position of this target.

Announcing coming event - Community Partnership Conference
FOL will be organising a Community Partnership Conference to be held in Dublin this coming autumn. The date to be announced shortly. Keep an eye on the website for details

Event - Africa Day book readings
Date – on or around Fri. May 25th 2012
FOL Target – 10 Book readings
Current target position – 5 book readings planned

Would you be willing organise a children's book reading on or around Africa Day on May 25th to mark FOL's 10th anniversary?
Suggested venues are book shops, libraries & schools. FOL will provide the book plus ideas & support for planning your event

Africa Day is the annual commemoration on May 25th of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity in 1963. FOL would like to mark Africa Day this year as part of the 10 years of community partnerships celebrations. The plan is to hold book readings in local book stores, libraries or class rooms around the country of a book called 'Mama Panya's Pancakes' by May Chamberlain. This is a story with a simple message about the rewards of sharing which celebrates the lives of Kenyan children and explores local village life. The book is aimed at primary school age group. FOL are looking for volunteers to organise readings of this book for groups of children. FOL will provide volunteers with the book and with support, ideas and suggestions for bringing the reading to life. The aim of the event is to engage with children in learning about life in a Kenyan village and raise awareness of the role that FOL plays in supporting village development.

Event – 10 K for 10 years
Date – anytime during 2012
FOL Target – 10 events to raise €250 each
Current target position – 2 events have happened & 6 more are promised

Congratulations to Paul O Sullivan, FOL volunteer, who ran the Connemarathon in April beating his own best time in 1.58 and raising sponsorship for FOL with each mile ran! Paul says it was an exhilarating experience in perfect conditions. Being used to running at home in Lucan, he spent most of the run looking over his shoulder at the beautiful scenery surrounding him.

Frances Traynor & Rachel Hughes are in training for the Flora Women's mini-marathon running for FOL. How many others out there will run, walk, swim, cycle or sail 10k's for FOL's celebration of 10 years of community partnerships! Wherever you are - from London to Londiani, Queensland to Queenstown – to be part of this challenge all you have to do is commit to -

  • Participate in an existing event and raise sponsorship in aid of FOL's work (see FOL website for list of events in Ireland)
  • or

  • Organise a 10K fun run/walk/ cycle/ swim/family event with your friends, work colleagues, local walking club, local school and either charge an entry fee or ask participants to raise sponsorship in aid of FOL's work in Kenya.
  • Event – Table Quiz
    Date – anytime during 2012
    FOL Target – 25 Table quizzes
    Current target position – 1 down 24 to go!

    When??? Where???
    Will you organise a table quiz for FOL this year?
    FOL have a target of 25 quizzes to be run during 2012 to raise money for the programmes in Kenya FOL will provide the quiz pack, posters and any other support your require, all you have to do is find a venue, prizes, quiz master to ask the questions, a crowd to answer them and FOL will provide the rest. The Table Quiz pack contains 8 rounds of questions, tips on running the event, posters if required and PR info on FOL to have at the event contact the FOL office if you would like to be a part of this target!

    Event – Standing orders campaign
    Date - the sooner the better!
    FOL target – 100 new standing orders
    Current target position – 7 received

    Think of this … in Kenya, €10 a month can – provide 23 mosquito nets; buy 103 copybooks; plant 1 acre of beans for a family. In Ireland, the average cost of a cappuccino is €2.95 – purchase 4 of these in a month and you've spent the equivalent of 23 mosquito nets! A standing order with FOL provides a regular income that is essential in keeping the programmes going on the ground in Kenya. Will you be a part of this? To set up a standing order you can find further information on the FOL website under get involved/donate monthly or contact the FOL office directly for information.

    Event – Clear out your Clobber
    Date – ongoing til Summer 2012
    FOL target – collect 200 bags
    Current target position – 56 in to date

    Bags of spring cleaning/wardrobe clear outs/"move over I've been shopping" have been making their way in and out of the FOL office and turning into cash for FOL. Basically, if you have old clothes, shoes, belts, bags, sheets, curtains, cd's & DVD's that you are finished with, you can turn them into cash for FOL. Each 10kg bag earns €5 at your local clearout.ie shop or you can bring your bags to the FOL office in Midleton to be cashed in from there. We're up to 56 bags .. can you help bring us to the 200 bag target?

    If you would like to get involved in any of these events, then contact the FOL office in Midleton on 021 4621748 or email admin@friendsoflondiani.com for further information and support.

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    Kenya Ball

    Anna & Wilson's visit to Ireland

    Introducing Harambee Volunteer Photobook 2012

    Harambee 2012 dates & costs

    News from FOL Kenya

    Latest news on Celebrating 10 years of Community Partnerships

    FOL 10 year celebration table

    Websites of interest

    Did you know?

    That in the past 10 years, FOL has awarded 1,964 Education Bursaries; almost 10,000 people attended lifeskills peer education trainings across the district; 1542 girls completed Alternative Rites Training since 2009; since 2007 16 Essential Obstetric and Neonatal Care Courses for 404 professional health staff; since 2007 18 Maternal health courses for 867 community health workers and traditional birth attendants!

    Websites of interest

    Comhlamh is about action and education for global justice and everyone can become a member, supporter or activist! One of the best ways to keep informed of what Comhlamh are involved with is by signing up to their newsletter, E-link, which can be easily done on their website. This newsletter features information on courses, workshops, seminars, news, resources, events and more that is relevant to the wider development sector.

    A new educational website, funded by Irish Aid, has recently been launched. This website allows the viewer to 'find out about people in developing countries, learn why the world is so unfair and unequal and see how you can help to change things'. It is a good introduction to anyone who may not have a background in international affairs but are interested in learning about development issues. It is also a good tool that can be used by educators either in a national or international setting. The site has been designed primarily for adult students in basic education in Ireland, but may also be useful to other groups in Ireland and elsewhere.

    Check out the Sean2012 video by students of UCD which is becoming a YouTube hit with over 4,300 hits to date. The video is part of an initiative by a group of students in support of the aims of the 'Act now on 2015' campaign which is co-ordinated Dóchas.
    The video created so much interest on the first day out that the letter writing facility on www.actnow2015.ie site crashed, as it was unable to cope with the volume of visitors and letters sent, proof that people in Ireland do care about overseas aid!

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