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We are committed to enabling long term, positive change in the communities we work with.

What makes us different is the way we work with communities at a local level creating opportunities for a brighter future. We are committed to providing long term, positive change wherever we work, because all communities have the right to create a sustainable future.

Our model creates an enabling environment for communities to realise change and uses a partnership-based approach to deliver programmes that meet the needs of communities and individuals.

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Creating brighter futures means ensuring:

  • Access to essential health services, a supply of clean, safe water and good sanitation.
  • Education to equip people with knowledge and confidence to achieve a productive and fulfilling life.
  • The skills and ability to generate an income that can sustain a family.


We believe that addressing inequalities is about ensuring that all our programmes are open, accessible and inclusive to everyone in the community regardless of gender, ability, age, education or status.


We aim to ensure that all barriers that prevent girls and women access to health and education are removed so they can have equal opportunities in life. Where girls and women thrive, communities are strengthened.

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Mountain challenge 2019 Blog

Challenged but not defeated

Hello from a slightly stiff and sore Aoife. I am the Fundraiser at Brighter Communities Worldwide and this is my first experience in organizing and partaking in the Brighter Communities Worldwide Mountain Challenge. On Saturday, 17th of August, 43 participants set out to tackle the Galtee Mountain Range on a group Hike. The Galtee Mountain Range […]

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International_Day_of_the_Girl Blog

It’s getting better for girls — but a Day of the Girl is still needed

Every year we like to remind our readers and supporters about the UN International Day of the Girl on 11 October – in fact we’ve been doing so since this initiative began in 2012. Girls and their rights are a strong focus of our work and we wholeheartedly agree that, as the UN site says: “Adolescent girls […]

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Green sauce and sprinkles

Listening to the radio last week I was both amazed and delighted that finally conversations were taking place on subjects that before now were taboo. Who would believe that Joe Duffy would be taking about menopause! Of all subjects on National radio in broad daylight and not just for a half hour segment for the […]

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