Brighter Communities wins prestigious national excellence award

‘Brighter Communities Worldwide’, who has worked in partnership with communities in Kenya for the past two decades, took the award for ‘Small Charity, Big Impact’ at the Charity Excellence Awards, organised by the Charities Institute of Ireland (CII)

Announcing the award, the CII said it applauded Brighter Communities Worldwide which ‘embodies togetherness in all it does”.

“Brighter Communities Worldwide embarked on a monumental journey to transform lives in a region grappling with profound challenges. Despite their small size, they achieved remarkable results, from improved healthcare access to empowering communities and fostering partnerships. Their unwavering dedication and commitment remind us that even the smallest entities can create extraordinary change. Congratulations to this exceptional organisation for their profound impact and their tireless pursuit of a better world”.

Accepting the award, Rose Hennessy, Operations Manager for Brighter Communities Worldwide said ‘We are honoured and overjoyed to win this award. It is the first time we have entered and to win is a ringing endorsement for the work we all do –kick starting opportunities in which people are encouraged to flourish, partnerships are encouraged to flourish, true development is encouraged to flourish”.

“We have a unique and proven approach to development that puts people at the centre following their entire lifespan. Enabled with better health, equipped with knowledge and skills, they take charge of their futures and challenge inequality in their communities”.

“It is this concept of partnership that we have excelled at, empowering communities to realise their dreams of personal and economic freedom, all the while providing support and friendship”.

“This collaborative approach can be seen throughout Brighter Communities Worldwide’ Health, Education, Economic Empowerment and Water Programmes; it is the thread that weaves hope, support and encouragement throughout all our work.”

“We firmly believe that solutions are found within every community in the world – they are not found outside. We have learned that bringing people together is what we do best. When people gather, talk and listen, they learn they are not alone. Partnerships lead to empowerment and locally led projects owned by the people”.

“We are often asked how we do what we do with a small team – we say it’s the one team – one dream effect!  We have amazing volunteers, many of whom have been involved since 2002, a network of volunteers and staff in Kenya, Ireland and worldwide.  This team is dedicated and committed to working in partnership, to deliver programmes that enrich lives and help create better futures. It works because everyone involved shares values of integrity, passion and togetherness”.

“Some are motivated by time spent volunteering in Kenya, more have come to know about our work through fundraising events.  This supporters group share news and promote fundraising campaigns with dedication and determination. They have the most wonderful ideas, and this creates true synergy”.

“People are key to the Brighter Communities Worldwide model – people making choices about their own development based on their values. Communities must own projects if they are to bring about real change, and this happens through a strong base of local volunteers and a team of local staff based in Londiani. I would like to dedicate this award to our extended network both in Kenya and in Ireland; it is a collective effort, a collective journey and a collective passion for empowering people”.

“Despite being small in number, we are scrupulous about our accountability to our donors, funders, supporters and the communities we work with and operate to the highest standards. We continue to maintain our Triple Lock status and undertake our annual audit to ensure we remain compliant with the Charities Governance Code. We can do this because we have the help and support of committed board members who are actively involved in the audit and keeping track of our compliance”.

“In just two decades we have witnessed incredible change. Children born today are healthier than those born in 2002; Mothers and babies have a greater chance of survival. More girls are completing their education and entire communities are stronger as a result.”

“We promise to keep working to bring change for the generation after these children and beyond”.