Harambee 2009 – Group two arrive in Kenya

Group two arrived in Nairobi with over 60 bags and settled in well in Nairobi for one night.

Sunday morning, the team headed to Nakuru via the beautiful Rift Valley. In Nakuru, the team prepared for their project tasks and helped organise the necessary equipment.

On Monday morning the team headed to the villages of Londiani and Ndubusat. 21 volunteers arrived in Ndubusat to an amazing warm welcome and for some it was very emotional to return to the village.

In Londiani the group were welcomed by the students of the local primary school Bethel.


Iain, Gillian and Niamh are working with local instructors on a mixed Peer Education Lifeskills programme in Chebewor village. Almost 30 participants enjoyed the first three modules of communication, values, relationships and gender.

Jenny and Jayne are busy preparing their resources for next weeks five day course to be held in St. Kizitos parish church. The water team have undertaken to complete the next phase of the 8 water tanks in Kaharura which the first team began. Materials are now all in place and the hardworking team of Eoghan, Brian, James, Mags and Maureen are digging, mixing cement and building concrete bases for the tanks to sit on. They have discovered how to work the local hoe or jembi as its called and we fear they may try and bring some jembi’s home!

The three local schools where group one have been working are currently doing end of term exams and so HECA activities are on hold until Monday.

In the meantime, Tracey, Kim and Rose are busy preparing for next weeks summer camp for the 70 children in Bethel Home.

John has resumed his work with the bees of Bethel and its surrounding areas. Along with Freddie and Paul, he is working on developing business plans with local beekeepers so as to ensure sustainability of the project. Work began on the construction of the honey harvesting facility with Gareth, Michelle and Catriona joining the local builders in digging the foundation.

The playschool is continuing in Bethel with 10 children under the age of four. Bernie, Sinead and Laura have been working with Anisha their teacher and have had great fun with the smallies.

The weather has been very warm and unfortunately the crops are in need of rain. The children in the home are looking forward to holidays next week and shared a movie, The Lion King, with the team projected on the inside of the big marquee.