Harambee Volunteering Project

Harambee means ‘working together’

Are you looking for a challenge? Our Harambee volunteering project could be for you!

This is your chance to travel, learn, and help make a positive impact with communities in Kenya.

Your role as a volunteer

Here are just a few projects you’ll be getting involved with:

  • Facilitating programmes on Lifeskills, Business, Sexual & Reproductive health, Remote Emergency Care
  • Installing Smokeless Stoves
  • School workshops within our Healthy Schools Programme
  • Professional skills sharing – e.g. medical, IT, Media
  • Student volunteers – e.g. nursing


We ask each volunteer to commit to raising €1,000 to support our community development work in Kenya. We provide as much help as we can to support you to do this with advice, ideas, and resources.

Dates and costs

This year we’re running two volunteering opportunities:

Option 1: 

June 1st to 15th 2024 (2 weeks) – FULL

June 1st to 22nd 2024 (3 weeks) – FULL

Option 2:

November 2nd to 16th 2024 (2 weeks)

Costs for 2 weeks are €2,000 and for 3 weeks €2,400.  These costs include pre-departure training, flights, food, accommodation, and transport in Kenya. Flights will depart from Dublin. The additional cost you will need to cover are travel insurance, vaccinations, travel visa, and any optional tourist visits at the end of the project.

We have 20 years of experience in volunteering projects in Kenya – you are in safe hands.

Closing date for June project is January 31st 2024

Closing date for November project is March 31st 2024

Who we are

Founded in 2002, we work in partnership with communities in Kenya delivering programmes that help create better futures. The people we work with are excited to welcome you to Kenya and looking forward to sharing their life experiences, learning, knowledge, and skills.

We believe in a world where strong, healthy communities can thrive, building sustainable livelihoods and brighter futures.

Harambee is a Swahili word that means ‘working together’ and this is what our volunteer projects are all about – working together with a team of local staff and volunteers in Kenya to help create brighter futures. We aim to provide:

  • Access to essential health services, a supply of clean, safe water, and good sanitation
  • Education to equip people with knowledge and confidence to achieve a productive and fulfilling life
  • The skills and ability to generate an income that can sustain a family

As a volunteer, you’ll bring with you a powerful means of helping to achieve this. We look forward to hearing from you!


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