Activities and events during April 2023

Work on the Heathy Schools Programme focused on trainings for the students. This programme involves the children directly as they form health clubs to review their school environment, identify risks and create an action plan to address them.

Brighter Communities Worldwide staff member Bobby says – “There was a school training at Ainapkoi for 4 schools in the area. A maximum of 104 people attended the training. It was a very fruitful training because students got out having learned a lot about hygiene and sanitation. They  thanked Brighter Communities Worldwide for the support”.

“At Cheronget Primary, HECA club training for a crowd of 78 participated in the training. It was a very engaging training since the students got to learn more about HECA and what to do. They also thanked Brighter Communities Worldwide for the help.

On completion of the training the students involved receive a t-shirt they wear when they are working on their actions plans in their schools.


Do you know that since the Healthy Schools Programme began in 2005 we are now working with 342 schools across the region reaching 112,289 children with clean and healthy environments for learning?

A new Community Unit is forming at Kiptugumo in Soin/Sigowet sub-county and during the month this involved meetings with local chiefs, community members, formation of a Community Health Committee and selection of volunteers to train as Community Health Volunteers. The new committee took part in 7 days of training for their role. Next step will be training for the volunteers in their role.

To date we are working with 65 Community Units reaching 59,127 households. This is part of a bottom up, community led approach to health care. Each Unit provides a gateway to better health for community members bringing knowledge, raising awareness, creating healthy homesteads, linking to other health intervention areas we provide such as the fields days, outreach clinics, remote emergency care and so much more.


Mothers and babies attending the Field Day held at Kipsitet health centre on April 14th. Bringing key health information and health services out into the community increases the rate of immunisation for childhood diseases and helps protect the lives of mothers and babies.

Community Health Volunteers from Tabaita Community Unit took part in Remote Emergency Care training during April. The trainings are delivered over 3 days and cover basic first aid, first response, stabilising and transfer of patients to the nearest health facility. The highlight is the emergency scenario on the final day when the participants are tasked

with putting what they have learned into practice at a simulated road traffic accident.

This month ended on a high with our first in person Partnership Seminar since February 2020. Representatives from our partners including local community groups, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and volunteers from Kipkelion East met in Londiani over 2 days.

Feedback on the previous years’ activities was gathered in advance and then through break out groups and wall to wall flip chart sheets, each group shared their reflections on changes that took place in their community, challenges they face and current needs.  This helps us to evaluate our programmes, determine community priorities for the coming year and makes sure our programmes are aligned with the needs of the community.

Over the last 2 years we had to change how we do this by holding several smaller meetings in the community because we could not gather safely in larger numbers.  It was a joyful occasion this past week to see so many partners and gather so much valuable feedback and stories of change.