Introducing our new name

BCW values

Today we bring you exciting news that through our work and with support from people like you, we are growing as an organisation.

With a wider scope, Friends of Londiani will become Brighter Communities Worldwide from January 2017.

This has been a big decision for us to rename and rebrand, yet one we are proud to make as our charity grows and the work we do is beginning to benefit other communities.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in making Friends of Londiani a success. We hope you will join us on our journey and continue to support our work.

Why we needed to change our name

Over the last two years the Board of Directors in Ireland and Kenya have held workshops and discussions on the growth and sustainability of the organisation. It was agreed that our current name Friends of Londiani has become limiting and restrictive.  We have been invited many times to other locations to share our programmes and experience and want to increase our impact to reach more communities. As a result of all these discussions we began our re-branding journey to enable us to grow and expand, to deliver our very successful programmes into other communities in Kenya and indeed other locations.

We engaged with our ambassadors, partners, supporters, board members and staff in both Ireland and Kenya to get their views on the work of Friends of Londiani.  Many people describe the charity using the same words – communities, empowerment and people.  We wanted our name to reflect the way we work with communities at a local level;  how we empower people to create their own opportunities for a brighter future; our commitment to long term, positive change; and that all communities have the potential to have a sustainable future.

Brighter Communities Worldwide embodies everything that Friends of Londiani is known for.

New logoBCW values

We are proud of our roots and proud of what we have all achieved here in Londiani, so we wanted to retain as much of our logo and colours as possible. So our logo draws on the heritage of Friends of Londiani, using the same warm, inclusive colours. The sun denotes optimism and provides warmth, light, energy and hope. The roots show we are grounded and we work to give communities stability and the power to grow. The fruit on the tree shows the benefits and rewards we all see from working together.

Brighter Communities Worldwide

We believe that stronger people make stronger communities, and that stronger communities make a better world, with a brighter future. Brighter Communities Worldwide will work in partnership with communities to deliver programmes that enrich their lives and help create better futures for them and their families. We work in partnership to deliver projects that ensure:

  • Access to good, affordable healthcare
  • Education to help people find a job and be able to articulate their needs
  • An income to sustain a family
  • Healthier lives with a supply of clean water and better facilities

We are still operating from the same offices in Cork, Ireland and in Londiani, Kenya and you can get in touch with us at

To find out more about the new brand, take a look at our new flyer or read our vision and values.