Merry Christmas – and a better, brighter 2018!

Christmas 2017

We’re aiming to make 2018 a year when we raise enough money to ensure our work reaches more people than ever – starting now!

Our aim for this year’s Christmas appeal is to raise €40,000. It’s a big target – but we’ve got big plans.

We’d like to do even more in 2018. More to support communities in Kenya. More to provide a healthy home for their families. More to enable children, young people and adults to complete school and access further education.

Our work empowers people and communities by enhancing incomes and invigorating local economies. But that means training, information, materials and outreach. It means smokeless stoves, better maternal health, sanitary products for all who need them, access to clean water and supporting extended education.

It means, in other words, continuing the work we have done with communities in Kenya and doing more: building on that work to reach more people and have a more lasting effect.

In the spirit of Harambee – or working together – therefore, we’re asking you to help – and to encourage friend and neighbours to help too. That means, perhaps, donating a little of the money you’ve put aside for Christmas, getting sponsorship for your Christmas swim, or making us your charity for your company’s annual donation. You could even buy a nifty Kenyan-made gift from our Christmas shop as a stocking filler, a Christmas tree decoration or for your Secret Santa (Santa in a rowing boat is a personal favourite, but they’re all pretty impressive).

And of course, you could direct others to our Christmas appeal page, our JustGiving page, or the Christmas shop. If, by some oversight they don’t know our work, please, please send them a link to the home page and point them towards the Local Programmes menu; it shows how much lasting good we do – on modest resources – to make a better future for, and with, the communities we serve.

And there’s a lot more we can, and will, do next year. So please buy, support, donate or volunteer. Let’s make this not just a Merry Christmas but a better, brighter 2018 for Kenyan communities.