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FOL Women

Every year on October 11th organisations, individuals, governments and groups all reflect on how far we’ve come in addressing issues of gender inequality.

To celebrate the difference we’ve made to girls lives and to consider how we can further strengthen communities by doing even more. Because we know that by investing in girls we can strengthen communities.

We are working hard to invest in girls and women, in turn investing in communities and families. This is how we’re taking action.

Improve Maternal healthcare

84% of babies are delivered without a skilled birth attendant leading to a greater threat to life for mother and baby. Training for health workers strengthen maternal health services in the community.

Keep girls at school  

In Kenya, girls who DO NOT complete secondary school have on average 8 children in their lifetime; those who DO complete secondary school have just 2 or 3.

Time saving 

54% of homes have NO access to clean water & it’s mainly women and girls who collect it. Our projects reduce the time spent on household chores, giving girls more time for education & small business.

Better health  

50% of preventable diseases are connected to

poor water and sanitation. By creating healthier households we create healthier, more productive families.

Opportunity to grow

Girls miss 1 week of school every month during their menstruation. A girl without education becomes more vulnerable to early marriage, teenage pregnancy, diseases (including HIV/AIDS) and has limited life choices. Our Girls for Girls programme targets this.

Cutting out FGM

Circumcised girls often marry early and do not complete their education. The Alternative Rite of Passage (ARP) challenges this practice while still celebrating a girls ‘coming of age’ and encouraging communities to keep girls in school.

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