Harambee 2009 – Team two – Londiani

The second week of the project is nearly over and the group are settling into the Kenya lifestyle.

Everyone is pleased to see a bit of rain finally coming so it’s all hands on deck to collect it when it falls from the roof!

Freddie, Jenny, Jayne and Michelle are busy giving a five day peer education lifeskills programme in St. Kizito’s church hall with local trainer Wilson. A group of 30 participants are particularly enjoying the interesting role plays the lads are doing to help teach the material.

The bee house is coming along nicely with Bernie, Kim, Tracey working with some of the local builders to get the foundations in and a good start made on the walls. A lot of bee friendly plants have been planted by Maureen, Niamh and Mags with a helping hand from some of the older kids from the home. The bees seem to be very pleased with all the food and shade these 200 plants will give them!

John, Iain, Freddie, Niamh, Sineád and Mags have also conducted an inspection of the hives and were pleased to report bees in 2 hives and a plan of action is in place to get the other 3 hives up and running also.

Despite causing great agitation to the bees, we came away with only one sting! Some of those involved in the beekeeping project went with Paul to the beekeeping department of Baraka Agricultural College and met Paul’s friends Joan and Helen from Tipperary who provided them with their first taste of meat since arriving in Londiani and a take away of home made chips and fried eggs to sustain them on the journey back to Bethel.

The kids are all delighted that the summer camps are well underway, with Rose, Gillian, Gareth and Laura being in charge!

Everyone else is lending a hand on different days with games, songs and activities.

The surveys are also continuing with many volunteers such as Eoghan and Catriona, Bernie and Sinead enjoying the lovely long walks between the houses and meeting some of the local people in their homes. All agree that this is a fascinating experience.

The jembi’s are working overtime on the water project with Brian and James heading up the team and great progress is being made through their hard work. It is hoped to have the eight bases completed this weekend and gutters and tanks in by next week.

Another field day is taking place on Friday with a team of FOL volunteers going to work with local community health workers in Kapsenda to give information on HIV/AIDS, dental hygiene, malaria, worming, multi vitamins and nutrition, hygiene and sanitation and maternal health to a crowd of about 1000 people.

During the week Helen was surprised with a birthday cake in the form of rice crispy buns, expertly produced by Eoghan and special guests Fr. Martin and Fr. Con to celebrate yet again another 21st birthday (that must be at least 15 she’s had now!) The entertainment provided by Fr. Martin has to be seen to be believed but suffice to say the tables will never be the same again after his dancing! (Up the rebels!)