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World water day

World Water Day

March 22nd is World Water Day and this year the focus is on accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis. World Water Day 2023 asks people to “Be the change you want to see in the world”.   The communities we are working with put access to clean water as their number one need. […]

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Our latest newsletter

2023 got off to a very busy start throughout January and February and this newsletter is bringing you a flavour of what has been happening in a few of our programme areas. Business Trainings – these are held in the community to support people who have plans for projects that will generate an income. The […]

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Today is Giving Tuesday!

Today is the day that your donations mean so much more because the more we raise in 24 hours the more we earn in bonus funds. Today your donation will help address the inequalities brought on by climate change, conflict and COVID-19 which threaten the families we are working with. When you donate today you […]

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Get together

Are you looking for opportunities to get together with friends and families? Host a 20 year celebration and support families in Kenya at the same time – right now they are still dealing with the impact of the pandemic with high case numbers, no vaccines, rising poverty levels – they need your support more than […]

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20-year challenge #WalkOurJourney

For 20 years we have worked tirelessly with families addressing many inequalities. Our goal is to protect all daughters from FGM and teenage pregnancy so they can finish school giving them better options in life; all sons to have the tools and direction they need to grow into responsible men; all mothers to be safe […]

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Menstrual health passport

Menstrual health: the essential universal passport

Have you ever thought about something that could be a universal passport? A passport to education; a passport to employment; a passport to positive mental health, to self-esteem? For me this is the sanitary pad! Here in Kenya many girls and women do not have access to sanitary pads – they stay home from school […]

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Green sauce and sprinkles

Listening to the radio last week I was both amazed and delighted that finally conversations were taking place on subjects that before now were taboo. Who would believe that Joe Duffy would be taking about menopause! Of all subjects on National radio in broad daylight and not just for a half hour segment for the […]

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Healthy childhoods and making milestones – Maria Kidney reflects

Maria Kidney (Co-founder and Director) and Martin Ballantyne (CEO) have made the difficult decision to remain in Kenya this Christmas. There are too many reasons as to why they simply cannot leave…

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1,000 children img

1,000 children need our help

When COVID-19 stop schools re-opening – what happens to the children? COVID-19 has brought about many challenges not least to the lives of the children across Kericho County. As we launch a fundraising campaign to support community based learning groups for the children, we asked Maria Kidney – (co-founder and director) who has remained in […]

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Smokeless stove

Smokeless Stoves in relation to climate action

Habari, my name is Freya Casey and I am a final year International Development and Food Policy student, in UCC. I am writing a piece on smokeless stoves and how they are helping the environment and the health of the communities where Brighter Communities Worldwide work. This blog is following on from my previous blog […]

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The Wonders of Biodiversity

Ned Dwyer is a volunteer with Brighter Communities Worldwide. He is a freelance consultant in environmental management and climate change issues. We have invited Ned to write a blog for World Environment Day 2020 – Celebrate Biodiversity. It was my aunt, Bid, who introduced me to the wonders of biodiversity – although it is not a […]

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2020 International Year of the Nurse and Midwife

When I was asked early in the year to write a blog on being a nurse/midwife for World Health Day, I agreed without giving too much thought. I planned on writing a bit about my professional career as an Emergency Department nurse in Mercy University Hospital Cork and my volunteering experience with Brighter Communities Worldwide […]

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